Fiddle Leaf Fig Decor Inspo

I recenlty puchased the Fiddle Leaf Fig, (try saying that 10 times fast) per recommendation from some trusted sources! (their green thumb as it pertains to indoor house plants is exceptional…in comparison to mine!) This little guy arrived healthy and well via Fed Ex, and after unwrapping it with care and then purchasing a new pot for it…I've crossed my fingers in hopes that it thrives more than the other house plants I've had in my care. They say the Fiddle Leaf Fig is easy to care for…however, now I am reading on line that sometimes, under certain circumstances, it can become a bit fussy. Yikes! Do you own a Fiddle Leaf Fig? Any tips or tricks you can share with a newbie like me? 

Below are photos that I took of my little Fiddle Leaf Fig in my home. I have been trying to move it near the windows during the day so that it gets some great sunlight (they love sun – or so I am told), I bought an onsale black pot filled the bottom with a layer or two of rocks and then filled it in with potting soil! So far so good…for the first two weeks anyway. 

I've also curate a handful of photos from around the web to inspire me as I work to grow this little lovely in to a thriving household plant….hey, a little optimism never hurt! Continue scrolling to see other more well styled photos of Fiddle Leaf Figs! 

If you are interested in purchasing your own Fiddle Leaf Fig, below are a list of different sized ones and their prices:

6" Fiddle Leaf Fig – $29.99 (this is the one I got!)

4" Fiddle Leaf Fig – $12.20

And now, my very own Fiddle Leaf Fig in all its glory! 


My hope is that one day this little guy will grow nice and tall and full, but right now my main goal is just to keep him alive!


myfig-1-5 myfig-1-8

And now…the much better photos and inspiration you've been waiting for! These are my dream photos of what little Fiddle Leaf Collins will look like in a handful of years…one can hope! 

Photo Source  – I love that it is in an old crock! I think I have one stored in my garage….may be my next pot for…perhaps another Fiddle Leaf Fig?….we will wait and see how the first one does.

Photo Source
fiddleleaffig2 2

Photo Source – This is about the height my Fiddle Leaf Fig is right now!


Photo Source fiddleleaffig6

Photo Source I just love the color pallette in this photo…and the way the plant looks…*sigh*
fiddleleaffig10 2

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  1. Jess wrote:

    Beautiful! I’ve been told that the pot you use should have a hole in the bottom so the roots can breathe and not sit in water which can result in root rot. I’ve had to change almost all of my plant pots lol.

    Posted 9.16.15 Reply
  2. Jess wrote:

    Or you could use those flimsy plastic nurseru pots that have holes in bottom and place that in a basket or pretty pot that doesnt have holes so the roots still get air. That's what I did with Knox (my fiddle leaf fig). And don't forget to dust the big beautiful leaves every week or 2 with a soft damp cloth (& coconut oil if desired). 🙂 I'm just hoping mine won't mind the long, cold, gray MI winter!

    Posted 9.16.15 Reply
    • Samantha wrote:

      Thank you for the great tips! I didn’t think of putting it in a basket…shoot! I hope my layer of rocks in the bottom offer enough water filtration. Crossing my fingers!

      Posted 9.17.15 Reply