Fitting Room Style: Target End of Summer Favorites

My American Eagle denim review was well received so I thought it would be a good idea to do another similar post and this time highlight some of my favorite items recently found at Target. I also thought it would be a good idea to give this type of blog post a “name” or a title that indicates the type of post it will be so that you can make the decision right away whether or not you want to “click” and view sub-bar fitting room selfies or not….so “Fitting Room Style” is now the indicator. You. Are. Welcome.

Dusty made sure to inform me about how much he likes it when I do this type of post…my guess is because it gets him out of having to follow me through a parking lot snapping photos of me in outfits, he says, “Great idea Sam, I like when you do these, I bet you like doing these too, you should do them more often!” (point taken). 

I was just in Chicago for the Create & Cultivate conference and it was a grand ole’ time, my hope was to get this blog post up before I left but I was having some difficulties with my hosting site and things were all sorts of wacky and weird and my tech-savvyness or lack there of wasn’t skilled enough to fix it. All is well now and things are back up and running like normal.

I was telling Dusty yesterday that he hasn’t done a guest blog post for me in a while and that it would be really fun if he did another round of “Ask Dusty”. He kind of mumbled something like, “oh hmmm…” and then that was that and I think Meet the Press came on TV and he turned in to a news watching coffee drinking zombie and that was that convo. Better luck next time. But maybe soon? I will keep bribing him with food, that usually does the trick. To be continued…

I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know in the comments below or via Facebook or Instagram.

Mossimo Convertible Sleeve Blouse
I loved this blouse! It was flowy and light, the neckline was great and I felt it could be dressed up or down. I wasn’t aware the sleeves had buttons and could come undone to be longer, but that would just be a bonus! In this photo they are paired with my Tomgirl Denim Jeans from American Eagle.
Score: 8 out of 10

target-1 target-2

Merona Printed Romper
I am not a huge romper fan, I don’t own one, and can’t quite fall in love with one. This romper was the closest I’ve been to “liking” one. I feel like they are best worn by girls without a bubble butt. Not to mention the drawstring sort of accentuated the fact that I had two brownies and a glass of milk before heading to the fitting room. For the right person, who loves a romper, this would be a great choice!
Score: 4 out of 10

target-5 target-6

Merona Strapless Gauze Maxi Dress
If Little House on the Prarie had a modern day come-back this dress would be be worn by Laura Ingalls. And I like it, not to mention I love me some Little House on the Prairie. Just don’t expect me to milk any cows wearing it. I digress…this lovely dress was airy, and comfortable and I apologize for the bunching of the granny panties in the back mirror of the photo, ladies, I strongly suggest you wear something a little less “bunchy” in the underwear category if you decide to purchase this dress. The material isn’t super see-thru which is nice because sometimes white dresses do that. And I hate it. But not the case here.
Score: 6 out of 10

target-8 target-9
Now moving on to some of my favorites…I am sorry you had to be witness to the last few options…but honesty is the best policy, even when humiliation is involved.

Mossimo Sleeveless Leisure Dress / Mossimo Denim Vest
I am really a fan of the sleeveless dress being worn underneath this denim vest. No other thing to say, other than this combo rated high!
Score: 8.5 out of 10

target-10 target-12 target-13

Mossimo Denim Jacket / Nitrogen T-Shirt Dress
I paired this really great T-shirt dress made out of comfy cotton with a denim Mossimo jacket and I loved it! This denim jacket has a really great wash that I like however, denim jackets are always questionably comfortable…they can be a little stiff, this one wasn’t amazingly comfy but wearing the t-shirt dress underneath made things even out, making this outfit a win in my book!
Score: 7 out of 10

target-18 target-19 target-21
And a shot of the t-shirt dress on its own for your viewing pleasure… errr not.

Then things started getting really crazy and I paired the t-shirt dress with the denim vest and that was love too…what do you think?

target-26 target-27 target-28
Merona Woven Back Flowy Tank / Mossimo Drawstring Trouser
This combo is a favorite by far (but there are more favorites below)! I love love loved (you get the point) this white flowy tank it was very flattering and provided me just enough coverage to feel like it wasn’t too see-thru. The drawstring trousers were amazing too…I can’t say enough good things about them other than I felt like they were trendy and cool without making me look like MC Hammer.
Score: 9 out of 10

target-30 target-33 target-34
I then paired it with this lovely green vest that I sadly can’t find online so I’ve located a similar one for you – here.

I then mixed in these black Mossimo High Rise Jeggings and they rock! I totally love them and wish I would have snagged them when I was there. I liked that they had distressed knees but in a way that wasn’t frumpy or too much. They looked sophisticated enough to dress up or down.
Score with the jeans: 9.5 out of 10

target-39 target-41 target-43 target-44
And why not try the denim vest on while I am at it! Behold, another lovely combo.

target-48 target-50
Black Sweater / Mossimo Mid-Rise Jegging
This sweater tunic is great but I couldn’t find the exact one on Target’s website so I found a similar one. Everything about a tunic is wonderful. I love that they can sort of hide your hips and other not so flattering areas. They look great with anything, especially “skinny jeans”.  I also liked the mid-rise jeggings a lot and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a pair of distressed jeans.

target-61 target-63 target-64
Mossimo Boyfriend V-Tee
I’ve actually owed this t-shirt for a while and a few others just like it from Target. I love them, they are SUPER comfortable and inexpensive, not to mention if you order up a size it helps to give that casual more relaxed look. I am pretty sure Target was selling these for $5 / piece at one point during a sale but are no more than $9. So keep your eyes open! I had purchased similar t-shirts from an unnamed more…*cough* expensive store and let’s just say they weren’t nearly as great as these from Target.
T-Shirt Score: 10 out of 10

target-68 target-69

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