The Red Shift Dress & Some New Jewelry

The end of spring and beginning of summer has been going pretty well. There isn’t too much to complain about as of late. Dusty is nose deep in books for his summer semester which ends July 2 (a date that can’t get here soon enough). We will be spending the month of July up north on the lake visiting friends and family! I seriously cannot wait. I think him and I are both feeling a little claustrophobic now that we live more inland and in a much bigger city. It is hard to have lived most of your life just minutes from a large fresh water lake and then move to a place where the nearest lake with public access is about 2+ hours away. Oh first world problems…. cry. me a river. SAM.  – I know it is what you are thinking.

So to get on to the reason this post came about! I was recently at Banana Republic, and although it is a store I don’t find myself in often…because….well…med school budget….unless of course they have a nice full sales rack, then I may just take a peek. While browsing the sale rack in Banana Republic I found this lovely bright red shift dress for a great deal! To spice it up a bit I added some lovely jewelry from Bling Jewelry and you may or may not notice that I styled my hair a little more different than the norm. What do you think?

Dress: You can get a look-a-like of the red shift dress I am wearing herehere, or here.

Jewelry: And if you love the jewelry, I strongly suggest checking out Bling and looking at the rings I am wearing here or here!

Shoes: The shoes are Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s from a couple of years ago. But you can get similar ones here or here.

Headband: Forever21 you can get a similar one here or here.

Watch: Micael Kors – rose gold

blingjewlery -6

blingjewlery -3

blingjewlery -5

blingjewlery -4


blingjewlery -9

blingjewlery -10

blingjewlery -13
Thank you Bling Jewelry for sponsoring the lovely rings in this blog post! Another post coming soon on styling bauble necklaces also sponsored by Bling Jewelry! Stay tuned.

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