DIY Gold Dipped Stool

I had a bout of inspiration and went on a DIY furniture makeover spree in our home a couple of weekends ago and so I thought I would share this DIY Gold Dipped Stool idea with you! There were a few items in the house that I’ve been wanting to paint/redo for a while now but wasn’t quite sure what exactly it was I wanted to “morph” them in to. I also needed a lesson from Dusty on how to use the electric skill saw so that I could work on a few other barn wood projects (coming soon!)

I scoured Pinterest like every good little DIY’er does and I found a lovely idea to take the old and ugly yellow stool from our attic and do a “gold dip” paint job on it. I decided to go with Ivory and gold. Keep scrolling to see a before photo 🙂

golddipped-2 copy

The before photo: 


And the after photos: 


What I did: 

Basically I got metallic gold spray paint and an ivory spray paint. I sprayed the gold on first (which was a mistake) start with the base color you want 🙂 let it dry…and then spray on the gold legs. I used electric tape to wrap around the stool legs to create a barrier between the two colors and provided a nice line to separate them before spraying on the second color. You can also use a small garbage – pop holes in it – and use it to cover the other half of the chair while you spray.








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