Furbaby Portraits

I know I haven’t been as consistent with my blogging as I had hoped I would be this spring, I promise to try and make it up to you.  As soon as the weather turned nice I found myself spending a lot of time in our flower garden (mostly attempting to keep the dogs from digging it up and replanting when they decided to ravage it (twice) ).  I snapped some lovely photos earlier in May of the beautiful magnolia tree that hangs over our yard and of course I found ample time to also take some lovely images of the two fur-monsters. They willingly obliged to sit still as I held my camera in one hand strategically waved a large dog bone above my head with the other. I am sure the neighbors had a field day watching that take place. “look at the crazy dog lady out in her backyard.”

Since I know you are eager to know more about Gus and Reo, Gus is 4.5 years old and will be turning 5 in September. Reo is 9 months old! Enjoy!


Gus and Reo were just innocently playing under the magnolia when out of no-where the crazed fur baby momma with a camera swooped in for a photo op, bribing them with treats and threatening to steal their dog bone for all eternity.

Hey, a little bribery never hurt.











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  1. Britney wrote:

    Those dogs are so cute, I love it!

    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
  2. Oh my Sam!
    I am so impressed with these, dog photos are NOT easy!
    Awesome job! They are sooo cute <3

    Posted 6.3.15 Reply