Feeling Good

The time has come! In just a handful of hours I will be en-route with a wonderful friend to Italy for a week! While we are there, we will be in Rome and then travel to a town in Tuscany to take a cooking class for 3 days! I won’t be bringing my laptop to blog during the trip, so follow along via Instagram for the latest happenings.

Aside from stressing over the thought of Dusty being alone with the dogs for a week and a few days (Reo managed to chew up and eat an entire mechanical pencil the other day, then puke it up on our couch, all while Dusty was home)… I was also worried I’d catch the crud that was going around.  I wanted to be in the best health I possibly could so I have been taking Vitamin C and other immune system boosters. One immune booster in particular that I really like is Mia Mariu “I Feel Good” essential oil. It is a lovely blend of almond, apricot, grapeseed, jojoba rosehip, macadamia, coconut, eucalyptus, bay laurel, lemon and peppermint. When working together these ingredients are wonderful. I’ve used it on stiff neck and shoulder muscles (where I carry most of my stress) and I’ve put a few drops in my morning lemon water.

In the mean time, arrivederci!


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