Channeling My Inner Geek + Firmoo Glasses

Allergy season is in full swing for me. I have tried everything to get rid of this awful stuffy nose. I’ve had so much local honey that Winnie the Pooh would be impressed. I have resorted to over the counter meds such as Claritin and other lovely-ness…my next attempt will be Zyrtec as people claim it is the best. Whatever it is that might keep me from sneezing 101 times a day, blowing my nose and itchy my poor eyes…I need it. Now.

Spring allergy weather always has me wearing my glasses more often than I usually would because itchy eyes = irritated contacts = no fun. I have always loved the “nerd glasses” style but was never quite comfortable getting a pair due to the fact that I may not like them! I usually keep things safe and wear more of a cat eye frame. I decided to take the plunge and try out nerd glasses via Firmoo and was extremely satisfied with them! This was the first time I had used a website to order a pair of glasses – so I was a bit nervous they would arrive and be all sorts of wrong. Much to my surprise I was extremely pleased! Maybe wearing glasses won’t just become a before bed and spring allergy season trend for me!

New customers can get 50% off (um yea, that’s right 50% off) their already amazing prices. Just click here. Thank me later folks…just thank me later. Now to find a place that sells bulk kleenex – adios!










Don’t forget, 50% off your first pair when you visit this link – RIGHT HERE.

A big Thank you Firmoo for sponsoring this blog post!


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  1. Miss Angie wrote:

    Those look so great on you! I love my Firmoo glasses, they’re always great.

    Posted 4.30.15 Reply
  2. Colleen C wrote:

    Your glasses are super cute! I love the vibrant color! I also wear glasses (mine are a purple color, as well) & would love to own 2 or 3 pairs if my toddler was a little older and didn’t like to play with mine as much as she does. One day.

    Posted 4.30.15 Reply
  3. Firmoo have amazing deals and selection of frames. The frame it’s so adorable, look good on you 🙂

    Posted 5.28.15 Reply