Ask Dusty & Sam No. 1

Welcome to the first blog post in the series, “Ask Dusty & Sam”, I know this post has been a long time coming,  I introduced the idea back in October and alas, here we are! The idea spurred after a lot of people enjoyed reading this Q&A with Dusty. Dusty was a hit and so I realized that I need more Dusty in my posts in order to keep you all from sleeping when you visit the blog. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions for a future “Ask Dusty & Sam” post you might have by clicking right here.



Do you want to have Kids?

D:  Yes, eventually.

S: What he said ^. p.s. this question showed up a number of times and either my mother-in-law and mother, were taking turns anonymously repeatedly submitting the question, or people just really think we are way over due! For suspense sake…we will keep you all waiting and wondering on the “when”!

What is Dusty’s favorite recipe and what is Sam’s?

D: Honestly, Sam has about 20 recipes that I would elbow to the front of the line for but I always like a good steak.  My favorite menu items from her would be enchiladas, her gourmet breakfast, lettuce wraps, pork chops and sauerkraut and the list goes on forever.

S: My favorite recipe….is any one that I don’t have to cook 😉 Although, I do love cooking for my family and for Dusty. But it is nice to be cooked for from time to time! Dusty makes a mean breakfast and can grill an amazing steak!


Why don’t you have any Cats?

D: They don’t like people.

S: Dusty thinks they don’t like people. And has squashed the having a cat as a pet idea. Although I am not 100% against it! I think the cat would have to fit in our family nicely, i.e. be cuddly and overly friendly (i.e. love people as much as dogs). Basically the back story that ruined Dusty’s love for felines is that he had one growing up and he swore it didn’t like him or any people for that matter. And so he’s held a grudge ever since!

Favorite thing about Marquette/NMU?

D: The down to earth/genuine people and outdoor lifestyle.

S: Echo…echo…echo!

What was your favorite part about your wedding?

D: The ceremony for obvious reasons but also really enjoyed the rehearsal dinner because it was the one time we had all of our family from both side together in one spot.

S: Dusty just keeps nailing these answers so it leaves me a little stumped on what to type. I would agree that the rehearsal dinner was very special and low key, which we intended it to be – and loved! I also enjoy having a fun story to share with others about our not so exciting romantic wedding night!

Dusty, who is your role model?  

D: I would say my Dad for sure, he is easily the hardest working man on the planet and instilled faith and morals into us at an early age.

How do you find time for your faith, in your busy marriage?

D: I think the cliche answer is that you need to make your marriage a priority… but that is really the answer.  We do the best we can individually and as a couple; whether it be going to church, doing a devotional together or separately.  It is a work in progress as we are far from having it figured out and luckily God gives us a lot of grace.

S: I agree with Dusty that making our marriage a priority is important. I would say we don’t make our marriage busy, but we make our lives busy. And we don’t realize we DO have control over it. We sometimes tend to overbook ourselves and let the busyness of life get the best of us. We then usually come out on the bad end after a busy week or month, arguing more often than usual, knit picking at one another, and being hurtful. We also find that we’ve most likely been so busy that our spiritual lives have also been put on hold. Which when compounded (lack of spiritual growth/understanding and lack of time seeing and making one another a priority), makes for a terrible toxic environment. We have gotten to a point now where before things get too bad, we can address that it is indeed going in that direction, and we can make valiant efforts to reverse things and refocus. Which means reconnecting spiritually, with God at the center of our lives and our marriage. Everything from there seems to fall in to place. But it takes intention, hard work, selflessness, putting our pride on the shelf…and being grateful for one another. Definitely not as easy as it sounds, but doable.

When shall a small child be born unto you?

D: On the 22nd night of the 3rd full moon of the eclipse.

S: ?

Dusty, how much do you miss playing hockey? Do you think you’ll ever find time to play again, even in a rec league?

D: Yes, I think anyone who has ever played a sport they loved and claim they do not miss it would not be being honest with you.  I miss the adrenaline rush, the locker room, the camaraderie, the competitiveness etc. However, I was only truly enjoying the sport when the politics weren’t a big part of it.   I had come to a point in my career where I was 100% sure I took the game as far as I could and I wanted to go out on my terms, which was having people ask me “why I retired” vs. “why haven’t I retired yet”  Yes, I still play about once a week in a pick up skate with guys from school.


What is the secret ingredient to your happy, loving, and healthy marriage?

D: Our marriage is loving yes, happy yes, and we continue to work on the healthy part, because no marriage is perfect. Our number one is our faith which guides the decisions we make in life.  I think a commitment to each other which comes from our faith and a lot of grace given in both directions.

S: Patience and forgiveness.  🙂  (i.e. realizing he may never remember to not toss his soaking wet bath towel on our bed)


Have you tried cleaning with Norwex?

D: I only use Qtips for my ears.

S: I feel like I know who asked this question, or at least the group of people in my life who it could have generated from, I could be wrong, however, the answer…. sorry to disappoint, but no… I have not…and I am not 100% sure I even know what Norwex is? I feel like the word makes me think of some sort of shaving cream!

Do you have nicknames for each other? If so, how were they developed?

D: No comment.

S: I think the typical “babe” or “hun” or “love” comes to mind. We don’t really use actual nick names. Dusty calls me “sweetie” sometimes…? Sorry to disappoint. We aren’t very creative I guess!

What do you miss most about the Upper Peninsula?

D: Family, Friends and the camp in the Keweenaw.

S: Summers on the lake, friends, family! The small town feel and pace of life.

What is your favorite restaurant in Lansing? Coffee shop?

D: Depending on what we are feeling, I would say  Meat, or Red Haven for restaurants and Strange Matter for a coffee shop.

S: I agree with ^ Strange Matter has the best Vanilla Lattes EVER.

What’s your favorite thing to do on Date Night?

D: Go out to dinner and go hang out in a small town somewhere nearby and grab a drink OR just stay at home and be hermits with each other

S: Go out to dinner somewhere where this is good beer, champagne or wine and either a cheese platter or jalapeno poppers on the appetizer list. (i.e. this could be a dive bar, or a nice restaurant! Take your pick! We can do both)!

Did you think of a question when you were reading through these? If so, please feel free to anonymously ask us by clicking here!



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  1. Natalie wrote:

    Loved this! I always think it’s sweet when a man brags on his wife’s cooking. Just FYI- once you’ve hit about 10 years, people give up and stop asking about the kid thing…it’s glorious! Ha! Also- can’t wait for us all to meet so we can be BFF’s. Cute, cute post!

    Posted 3.21.15 Reply
    • Samantha wrote:

      haha! we can’t wait to meet you guys too – and it WILL happen.

      Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  2. This is so stinkin cute!! Hoping my husband will do this someday, such a neat look into your relationship and what makes it all tick and work. 🙂 Glad I followed you on Twitter and I’m gonna follow your blog now, look forward to your posts. From one midwestern girl to another 🙂

    Posted 3.22.15 Reply
    • Samantha wrote:

      Andrea – Thank you so much! I am so happy your following along. I will have to check your blog out too! xo

      Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  3. ok, thanks a lot Sam!
    This literally made me cry!! lol!! Miss you guys so much!!
    Love your outspokenness about your faith! Stay strong! <3

    Posted 3.23.15 Reply
    • Samantha wrote:

      awww xo I miss you as well! <3

      Posted 3.23.15 Reply