Sweet & Sour Chicken Kale and Rice Salad

Dusty and I love to each chicken…the challenge is finding unique and tasty ways to cook it from week to week. One of our new favorites (that is also healthy for you) is this Sweet and Sour Chicken Kale and Rice Salad I concocted! The ingredients are simple…it is healthy…and tastes good. How can you go wrong? Scroll to the bottom of this post for the shopping list and cooking directions. Enjoy!




Shopping List: 
Curly kale
Brown rice (instant)
Sweet and sour sauce
Check breast or Tyson pre-cooked chicken breast strips
Olive oil
Olive oil & Vinegar salad dressing
Salad topper strips
Sliced almonds
Fresh chopped cilantro

Cook chicken breast (if raw) until full cooked in a pan with oil and 1/2 cup water cook thoroughly
Add sweet and sour sauce and let simmer until chicken is fully coated
Cook brown rice as directed on package
Chop and rinse kale
Add kale on top of brown rice, sprinkle almonds, drizzle olive oil and vinegar salad dressing, add salad topper strips and finally add your sweet and sour chicken – garnish with chopped cilantro!


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