Celebrating Self Care in the New Year

I have never been one to stick to a New Year’s resolution.  Late December would roll around and I would frantically start thinking of what sort of goal I should set. 9 times out of 10 that goal would revolve around weight loss, diets or fitness. I would stroll on in to the gym the Monday following New Years Day and there would not be a treadmill available, this trend went on for weeks. Everyone was on a New Years resolution fitness focused high from January through February…by the time March came around most people had already forfeited their resolution of “staying fit!” or “getting back in to shape!” and I typically was one of them. I admire individuals who have successfully set a health related goal and came out on top…I salute you, you make me want to put the Little Debbie cake down (but I usually don’t).  Don’t get me wrong…I am not struggling with a poor self image…or low self esteem when it comes to my body….however, I could be kinder, gentler and more grateful toward it. And this isn’t to say I could benefit from toning up a little or losing a few pounds and overall feel better about what I eat. Most of my frustration around health related New Year’s resolutions stems from lack of self motivation and self control.  The little angel on my shoulder saying, “JUST PUT THE CUPCAKE DOWN SAMANTHA!” never seems to yell loud enough when I need it to. Every year I put in a month of successful healthy eating and gym attendance and right around the two month mark I succumb to a delicious piece of chocolate cake or a weekend of travel which included some self indulgence and before you know it I am saying ” I will get back on track tomorrow” and then the little devil on my other shoulder would whisper… “You failed already? Some New Year’s resolution, why even try?“…there he was again, beating me down for failing yet again, reminding me that I didn’t have the inner or mental strength to get through the year successfully. Before I knew it, tomorrow was next week and next week was next month and then it was January of the following year and there I was attempting another health related New Year’s resolution… A New Year’s resolution for me has become an expected….yet unwelcome guest that comes knocking at my front door every year. When we tell ourselves we’ve failed at something over and over again throughout our lives we start to chip away at our value, this triggers deeper emotional pains such as stress, anxiety, frustration, and emotional eating just to name a few that I’ve noticed in myself at times…and for others these feelings might go even deeper…These things can then filter over in to the relationships we have with co-workers, friends, family, children and spouses. Being healthy isn’t just about physical attributes, it isn’t just a sexy calf muscle or chiseled six pack….although those are always nice to have (and I haven’t seen that on myself since I was 18!)

About a month ago I started to participate in “Don’t Believe a Thing You Eat” by Mercedes Turino, Owner of Healthy Intuition. It is a virtual nourishment course on intuitive nutrition, emotional self reliance, and true freedom from the burden of consistent healthy eating. Mercedes is an amazing and talented health/life coach. And noooo she isn’t paying me to say that, actually, I asked her if I could write this post because I wanted to share what I think is a very powerful message and opportunity! I truly believe in her coaching style and all she has to offer her clients and I want to share it with you! (you can read more about her crazy coolness at the end of this post)! This course has prepared me to enter 2015 with a whole different outlook on what “being healthy” means. The course is pushing me to dig deeper than just focusing on the outer results. The real change that needs to take place starts by working through what is going on inside, only then can I personally be successful with working on the outside.

The program has five modules 1) Connecting to Your Intuition, 2) Resolving Stress at the Core, 3) Stepping Out of Your Shadow, 4) Making Space for Big Emotions, 5) Soul Food and 6) Everyday Integration. Mercedes uses the core principal teachings of Bryon Katie, Marianne Williamson, and others to navigate you through some challenging self reflection topics. I have worked my way through module’s 1 and 2 already and I can honestly say I have never felt more exposed. But in a good way. I am discovering a way to silence the self sabotaging voice called “my negative thoughts”. I am learning how terribly powerful these thoughts are when it comes to controlling how I see myself and how I feel about the world around me…I am realizing how it has been affecting my overall health.

And as Mercedes put it in module 1, “It is not our thoughts, but the attachment to your thoughts that causes suffering.”

I met Mercedes officially in summer 2014 when I took some groovy fun photos of her for her website! (so take a peek at her website and you’ll see them – the van was saweeeet!)  If you feel like you need support to get out of that rut… I invite you to take this journey with me in 2015!

Healthy Intuition

Don’t Believe a Thing You Eat
Individualized Coaching
21 Day Reboot (was $124 now only $29) – for a limited time!


mercedes-1-77-682x1024Mercedes Turino, is a board certified (AADP) holistic health and lifestyle coach and founder of Healthy Intuition. After struggling with her own health issues over the years, she’s come to understand just how amazing the human body really is. Through nutrition and lifestyle changes, she has developed a trust in her body that she never thought was possible. From her own experience came a strong passion to help others recognize their healing potential and to create a life greater than what they ever thought possible. Health coaching is more than a career for her, its become a mission, a purpose. 

Healthy Intuition is for anyone who wants to feel better in their own skin, increase their energy level, improve relationships, or improve their overall health. Its about learning to trust your soul, find your voice, reach your potential, eat great food, and have fun on the journey to becoming the greatest version of yourself! Health and happiness is a birth right that belongs to every one of us. Healthy Intuition helps remove the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of the magnificence of who you truly are.







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