Update On Life: He Studies, Studies and Studies Some More

It has been a while since I’ve done a post updating you on life and how things are going…perhaps it is because nothing too eventful has happened around these parts. Dusty studies…and studies…and studies some more and there really isn’t anything fun to tell you about that…other than he attempts to discuss what he is learning with me and words come out of his mouth that I can’t pronounce, don’t understand and it all sounds like a foreign language. But I smile and nod and “ooh and ahhh” because…well…this is our life now. And I can tell he loves it.  He has been getting up at 4:00 a.m. or so most days…cramming for exams. It is finals week. It is stressful. I pass time reading, cooking, working, cleaning, blogging, going to Bible study every other week and hanging with our little pups. Aside from adopting Reo this fall we haven’t had too many new and exciting things come up. Life has been pretty… normal…for the most part…but then again, what is normal? And is this really normal? I guess its our new normal.

This is a pretty typical post exam scene around our home.

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Yesterday while preparing to study from home he tells me, ” I have to study for this final so only interrupt me for a life or death situation….or food.”  #priorities

Our spare room looks like a bomb went off in a paper manufacturing plant. Supposedly there is a method to the madness.

He survives on liquid gold…also known as… coffee…and there just never seems to be enough in our house to keep up with him. So I buy Tim Horton’s (his favorite) in bulk… regularly.


Below is a photo of us together…to prove we are alive and well.

Other than the stress and woes of living with a first year med student …Life is good… and as always….God is good.




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