Our Life In Photos: Fall & Winter 2014

Fall came and went so quickly. I can’t even believe it is winter and Christmas is almost here! Here is a little recap in photos of our fall and the start to winter. Nothing too exciting, just some fun moments to share! These photos are just some I snap on my phone throughout our days and have poor quality. So please forgive me and enjoy!

I’ve been cooking up yummy, warm, wholesome recipes lately and Dusty loves corn beef and cabbage…

And he sleeps….this is most likely a post exam nap.

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A family photo soon after we got Reo at the end of September.

In October I watched my little cousins as their mom competed in a half marathon! I had a blast with them and they sure wore me out!

Little Julia sure enjoyed snuggling with our pups! And it looks as though they don’t mind it either!


Julia: “Are you having a baby?”
Me: “No…why?”
Julia: “Because it looks like it.”

mid-afternoon pooch 1 … Sam zero, zilch, nada.

Dusty and I got to get out for a date day on a beautiful October afternoon. We stopped at a nearby brewery and tried out a couple beverages and a cheese platter. It was amazing.

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We have always said it would be nice to get a king size bed…Dusty isn’t exactly a small guy…and he likes to sprawl out. We also have the dogs to squeeze in with us…so it got a bit squishy with our queen bed. The upgrade was wonderful. I wouldn’t go back.

Caramel apples….everyday.

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Festive wine…almost every day.

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The pups even got dressed up for the fun and greeted the trick or treaters!

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Dusty and I attended the medical school Halloween party we went with a group and were characters from the Magic School Bus. Don’t ask why I am posing that way. Maybe it made me feel more “in character”. hah!


I visited our state capitol with my friend Victoria who visited for a weekend! Cross that one off the bucket list!

Victoria and I also attended a university football game! It was the first big ten game I sat and watched all the way through! Woohoo!

Dusty and I went out for lunch downtown…it was tasty and this date was much needed before a crazy busy week.

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Gus and Reo are adapting to brotherhood.



At least…Reo is. Gus isn’t so sure.

Then Thanksgiving came and Dusty and I spent a glorious day cooking and relaxing. I don’t think he changed out of his sweat pants and I am almost positive he took 3 naps. All much needed.

Gus and Reo went to the groomers for the first time to get their nails trimmed and….their glands expressed (just google it) and so we treated them with a pupaccino from Starbucks! They loved it.

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We got our Christmas tree! It is our tradition to pick one out and saw it down ourselves.

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Dusty spared a moment to put the tree up and get it ready for me to decorate!

Ta- da! Glorious.

Hi. I am in love with this new lipstick.

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Oh….perhaps these two are warming up to each other after all?

Dusty surprised me with this beautiful Christmas floral and greenery arrangement. So sweet.

Adios! Until the next life in photos preview – which will most likely be next year! 2015!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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