Leather Jacket Love

As you may know by now…I am a huge Pink Blush fan and this outfit by far has been one of my favorites! I am a total sucker for a big cozy scarf and then add the faux leather jacket and its a bunch of loveliness. I rustled Dusty away from studying the other day to take some pics for me…and totally bribed him with a homemade lunch following this photo session. Mention the word “food” and he is done for. He is getting pretty good at taking the photos.  I set the settings on my camera and he snaps away…he has even started to tell me what I am doing wrong or need to do differently. During this particular photo session he kept telling me “Don’t look so angry. Smile sometimes.” my response…. “I am sorry I have bitchy resting face!” It is true. I do. And these photos prove it. What I thought was totally vogue-esque… looks more like I want to go after someone who just kicked my dog. Anywho…I will work on that!

P.S. find out more about my red lips by clicking here, here, or HERE.

Scarf c/o Pink Blush
Faux Leather Jacket c/o Pink Blush
Jeans / Calvin Klein
Boots / Steve Madden

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  1. Lindsey wrote:

    You are so beautiful! I love that lip color!
    Thrift and Shout

    Posted 12.17.14 Reply