Highlights From 2014

I can’t believe 2014 has come and gone! We’ve had a lot of change take place in 2014. A lot of ups, downs, uncertainties and victories. All in all…there is a lot to celebrate from 2014. It truly was a year of change for Dusty and I. A year where our faith was tested 10 times over and then some. 2014 marked the beginning of a move across the state, 8-10 hours away from family and friends, a new city, a new job, new friends, new routines. I love looking back at blog posts from throughout the last year and see just how far we have come and how life has taken us for one crazy wonderful ride!

I want to thank those of you who take the time to read through the mundane posts that highlight snippets from our life. I love having this little corner of the world to share my heart and photos. You make it all worth it. Cheers to 2015, Happy New Year! – click away on the green hyperlinks below to read blog posts from 2014!

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January 2014Dusty interviewed with his number 1 choice medical school and within that same month we found out he got accepted in to it! This is when life changed….

February 2014 – We celebrated 7 years together (including dating years) and Dusty turns 29 years old!

April 2014 – We pack up and move out of our two bedroom apartment and move in to my parents basement to save money…because…medical school = debt.

May 2014 –  We found out which campus Dusty would be at so now we knew where we would be moving to! Let the apartment hunting begin. We start enjoying life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as much as we can before we head to the big city!

June 2014 – I do my first ever color run, I turn 27 years old and we miraculously find an apartment with everything we are looking for it just needs a little work – Hallelujah! We make our first trip with a Uhaul down to our new place…seeing it all for the first time!

July 2014 – We enjoy the 4th of July,  spend time out at camp, celebrate our 3 wedding anniversary and have a going away party with friends and family.

August 2014 –  We move in to our new place…new new new new…everything was new at this point. We do some major overhaul on different rooms in the house…which includes the bathroom and kitchen.  Dusty has his white coat ceremony and then school starts. 

September 2014Dusty is nose deep in schoolwork, exams, studying, shadowing…etc etc…and I start a new job!

October 2014Dusty is now in over his head with exams. Things are super stressful. We see each other little. …but life is good. We get a new puppy from the local humane society and name him Reo.

November 2014 – Dusty gets through finals. We celebrate our first Thanksgiving away from family. Just the 4 of us (including the two pups duh.)

December 2014 We keep our tradition going strong and cut down our tree at a local tree farm. My family comes to visit for Christmas. We lock ourselves out on Christmas Eve and have to break a window to get back in.

And that about sums life up in 2014 – we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

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