Our Rustic Farm Wedding

I couldn’t be any more embarrassed to realize that I have YET to share our wedding photos on the blog. Can you believe it? Three and a half years later and it took one of my readers to email me shortly after I posted the “How I Met My Husband Story“and say “When will you share some of your wedding photos with us?”… Better late than never I say! Our wedding photos are something we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We used a few of the wedding photos to send out Tiny Prints thank you’s and Tiny Prints after we got married, we were so excited and eager to share them and used Tiny Prints to do so! The wedding was held on my family farm. It has been a place that has held many good memories for me throughout the years…the ceremony location was set up on the old strawberry field where I used to pick strawberries as a kid and then sell them on the roadside. The view looks out over the valley and was a beautiful backdrop. It was SUPER hot out that day so having the tent over the ceremony location was truly the best decision we had made for the wedding. We used mason jars to hold flowers along the aisle and large tin milking cans at the altar. Our wedding favors were homemade strawberry jam – made with love! And our wedding reception center pieces were bunched together hay stalks with mason jars filled with birdseed and tea light candles. We used little mini chalk boards to be table markers and Dusty, my dad and brother…sawed slabs of a tree trunk to make the centerpiece bases. The day was beautiful and wonderful and everything we imagined it would be. Dusty and I may or may not have cried like babies when we saw each other for the first time that day….(scroll down to see for yourself) 🙂 Our wedding was photographed by the super talented Lea Peterson with Vienna Glenn Photography  2014-11-19_002samanthaelizabethwedding-7 samanthaelizabethwedding-1 samanthaelizabethwedding-22014-11-19_001 311584_783882172087_1549422968_n2014-11-19_004samanthaelizabethwedding-14 samanthaelizabethwedding-3 samanthaelizabethwedding-6 samanthaelizabethwedding-122014-11-19_003 300949_783865969557_1907978116_n 2014-11-22_001 304189_783918643997_359032758_n 2014-11-22_002 299091_783848559447_130650150_n samanthaelizabethwedding-29 305218_783851278997_894062052_n samanthaelizabethwedding-17 samanthaelizabethwedding-18 samanthaelizabethwedding-19 samanthaelizabethwedding-22 samanthaelizabethwedding-23 samanthaelizabethwedding-25 samanthaelizabethwedding-26 samanthaelizabethwedding-30 samanthaelizabethwedding-31 samanthaelizabethwedding-32 samanthaelizabethwedding-34 samanthaelizabethwedding-35 samanthaelizabethwedding-38 samanthaelizabethwedding-39 samanthaelizabethwedding-40 samanthaelizabethwedding-41 samanthaelizabethwedding-42 samanthaelizabethwedding-43 samanthaelizabethwedding-44 samanthaelizabethwedding-45 samanthaelizabethwedding-46 samanthaelizabethwedding-47 samanthaelizabethwedding-48 samanthaelizabethwedding-49 samanthaelizabethwedding-50 samanthaelizabethwedding-51 samanthaelizabethwedding-52 samanthaelizabethwedding-55 samanthaelizabethwedding-56 samanthaelizabethwedding-57 samanthaelizabethwedding-58 samanthaelizabethwedding-59 samanthaelizabethwedding-60 samanthaelizabethwedding-61 samanthaelizabethwedding-63 samanthaelizabethwedding-64 samanthaelizabethwedding-66 samanthaelizabethwedding-67   294406_796154787667_1909148725_n

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