The Chosen Cardigan

I recently tossed three lovely cardigans from Pink Blush up on Facebook and had my lovely readers “vote” on their favorite! Although it was a toss up the lovely Black Pink Grey Striped Printed Cardigan won (and I am so glad) because things couldn’t get any more comfortable around here! I am all about comfort…good comfort…like the kind of comfort you feel while eating a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge on top, wrapped in your favorite afghan grandma crocheted you all while watching Downton Abbey…or maybe thats just me. But either way, this cardigan is beyond amazing…I am an earth tones kinda girl… and add some peachy colors to the mix and its a done deal. This is by far my favorite cardigan of the fall/winter! Oh! And I almost forgot…but only because they are so cozy/comfy you sometimes feel like your wearing a second layer of skin….the fleece lined leggings in this photo…need I say more? FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS. We just kicked cozy up a notch and added some caramel sprinkles to that bowl of ice cream.










Purse – Phillip Lim for Target
Boots – Aldo
Sweater c/o Pink Blush
Shirt – H&M
Leggings c/0 Pink Blush 
Necklace – Alexa Collection



Gracefullee Made

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