Keeping It Organized: Kidecals Labels

Don’t let the title of this blog post fool you. I am all things short of “organized”…things can get messy quite fast between my husband and I and one little dog under one roof…I’ve always been envious of those who can be organized…All. The. Time. I claim to be “organized” when really I am just a poser trying claim the name.

The truth is. I need all the help I can get.

I recently stumbled upon this great little company based out of Colorado who help posers like you and me find our way through a life of constant unorganized chaos.  Kidecals has a wide variety and assortment of labels to help you with your organizing needs. There is just something about slapping a stylish label on a container and filling it with items that identify with the label title. Truly. It makes me feel 100% better! You can then tuck the little box away and the next time you think to yourself “Where did I put the safety pins?” you will go looking through your neatly labeled boxes to find it staring right at you – “safety pins”! Voila – there it is. No digging, hunting and throwing things around the house in search of a safety pin.

Labeling comes in handy for all miscellaneous items in a household, but recently I have had a need to label bulk food items. I purchased some great big and lovely glass jars from World Market and used Kidecals chalkboard labels to help me identify them. I love the chalkboard labels because you can easily clean and wipe the word off and replace it with something else if need be. This is especially handy since depending on the season and what we are craving the contents can change pretty regularly!

Kidecals is offering all Samantha Elizabeth readers an amazing 15% off their order! Use code ilovelabels and apply it at the end of check out!

And if you love the cardigan I am wearing in these photos I got it from Pink Blush – It is the Grey Black Tribal Print Cardigan you can get it HERE (it is so comfortable)! The necklace is thrifted and can be purchased soon through Love Spun Vintage on Etsy.

What are some of your favorite organizing tips and tricks? Do you use labels?

OH! Shout out to my husband, Dusty, who took a few minutes away from reading about the zygapophyeasal and manubriosternal joints (yes I had to ask him how to spell those) and took these lovely photos for me! He is getting good!

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Disclaimer: Penmanship is not something I boast.


This cardigan deserves its own photo/pose. (don’t let my grown out roots distract you)


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