Our Dwelling: Bathroom Home Tour

To continue discussions about the mundane in my life…here is the Bathroom Home Tour you’ve all been waiting for (insert sarcasm)…and not that you really want to see where we shit, shave and shower daily…but I am really proud…and I mean REALLY proud…of how hard we had to work to make the bathroom in our new home glisten and shine! It is hard to really “re-do” a bathroom when you know you will be renting the home for only two short years… It is a small bathroom…but it serves its purpose. When we first moved in the walls were a bit grimy…there was mold on the ceiling and the baseboards looked like they hadn’t been wiped down in years. It wasn’t terrible….it could have been A LOT worse. I just have this thing with bathroom cleanliness…you typically use a bathroom to prep and get ready for the day…you go there to get clean and freshen up. The worst possible thing you can feel in that space is that if you touch something you’ll immediately need to shower again. Which is why our bathroom needed a little makeover. In case you haven’t had the joyous opportunity to read about “The Story of Our New Home”  or perhaps your really curious and eager to read about our thoughts on the place when we first moved in “A House With Character” – be sure to check it out! Enjoy the photos below!

Here is a lovely before and after so you can see how we did!

First and foremost we made sure to wipe down and clean the ceiling, the walls and the baseboards…we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. I then painted the entire bathroom with a very neutral almost silver/grey color that would help reflect the light and keep it bright and cheery. With it being such a small bathroom…keeping things white and bright were important!



I know…I know what your thinking…you are thinking I am plain crazy for putting white/grey colored floor mats down. I will admit they seem to show a lot more fuzz and dirt than probably most other colored floor mats would – however, a quick lint roll or a toss in the washer/dryer if need be tends to do the trick.



I also went with a grey and cream towels to help keep with the color theme….


When it came to decorating a bathroom I knew I had to keep it sweet and simple. My husband made these shelving units for me and I picked up the hardware from Menards…it took him a couple of hours max! And I love them.




I opted for a white shower curtain from Target which has proven to really brighten up the space. It probably is my favorite feature in the whole bathroom.

2014-09-14_011 2014-09-14_0092014-09-14_012

To the right of the shower is a bathroom closet with some GREAT shelving space so we don’t have to keep everything out in the open to clutter up the small counter.

What do you think? How did we do? Leave your comments below!


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  1. Natalie wrote:

    Yep, I love it! Looks bright, clean, and serene! Our bathroom in our rental was y.u.c.k.y too! It’s like the baseboards had NEVER been cleaned. I still need to get some fresh paint on the walls though. Nice job!

    Posted 9.14.14 Reply