Paris, France – Favorites in Photos

Last June (2013) Dusty and I made a whirl wind of a trip around different parts of Europe. The goal was to see as many cities and famous places as we could in about 17 days (did I mention it was a whirl wind?). We went from Venice, Italy – Rome, Italy – Cinque Terre, Italy – Zurich, Switzerland – Paris, France – London, England  and lastly, we took a rental car and drove all over Southern and Central Ireland. It was an amazing experience and one that we had been saving up for for quite some time. We always said we wanted to travel before we started a family. So we took the opportunity and ran with it! I blogged about our travels in Venice and Rome…but didn’t have the chance to follow up with photos from some of the other places we had went to. So I am going to do that now…better late then never right?

The photo below was posted on Facebook this past Thursday night. I asked if anyone knew where it was and what it was of.  It is in France. It is actually the Palace of Versailles – and this is Marie Antoinette’s Estate also known as Petit Trianon. Petit Trianon was given to Marie Antoinette as a gift from Louis XIV. I guess Marie preferred to stay away from the busy life of court and palace happenings…(my kinda girl). So she had her husband build her this little “mini-palace”. Not more than 300 yards from the Grand Trianon (where he would stay).

To see a map of Versailles…which is really a huge “town” on its own…click HERE

The photo below is a side view, the front entrance is around the right side of the building and faces a long wide entrance that is gated about  50 yards from the building. This was by far one of my favorite reasons to visit France…I loved this part more than any other. I definitely found that I am more of a country dweller when it comes to travel…the city of Paris was beautiful…but it was just TOO much for me. I would prefer a chateau in the country side…any day!

Front side of Marie Antoinette’s Estate

Backside of Marie Antoinette’s Estate

The Grand Staircase

Parlor Room

The Game Room!

We then walked through the marshy area and by an 8 pillared complex known as the Belvedere of the garden towards the Queen’s Hamlet built in 1783 by Marie Antoinette to “escape” palace life and find a more country-like setting (as if her own mini palace wasn’t enough?)

It ran and operated just as a farm would.

Dusty and I got around the sprawling area on a small golf cart that we rented. The grounds of Versailles are HUGE. Walking would have taken us the whole day.

The my chauffeur!

Very front entrance of Versailles!


Outside that the Grand Trianon – where King Louis XIV and later Napoleon lived.

Backside of the Palace of Versailles!

Outside the Louvre!

There she is…in all her glory…(tiny)!

Dusty was intrigued…

A replica of Napoleon’s apartments, the dining hall – inside the Louvre.

We had to include our locks on the Love Lock Bridge! Just between the Louvre and Notre Dame. So it was on the way.

Then we throw our keys over in to the river!

He is too good at directions….I will give him that. He loves maps.

Notre-Dame Cathedral!

Dusty in front of the Arc de Triomphe!

And of course, you really can’t say you’ve been to Paris if you didn’t get a photo of the Eiffel Tower! I can’t say this really “blew me away” I mean it was grand and huge and beautiful. However, I snapped a few photos we stared at it…preferred not to wait in line to get to the top…and instead went to a corner cafe for dinner and wine 🙂

Have you ever been to Paris before? If so, what were your favorite places to visit? If you haven’t been, what do you want to see?

XO Samantha

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  1. I’ve never been out of the country but Paris is on my “list.” I have to ask how did y’all manage to travel around so much!? Where did you stay? I’m trying to plan a trip for me and my husband but I am baffled trying to figure out where to stay!!

    Posted 5.22.14 Reply