My Winter Weather Skin Care Regiment

For today’s Beauty Post I am dishing about my winter weather skin care regiment. Every year I stock up and splurge (just a little bit) on skin care products that are natural, and good for my skin!  For those of you who can get away with a more simplistic regiment…I am envious…I have tried it all and have had no luck…so this is one area that I am OK budgeting for…and here is why!  Last winter I encountered some major skin irritation due to the harsh cold temperatures we experienced here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I had red, cracked, flakey skin that consumed about 80% of the surface area of my face… I felt terrible. It hurt to smile, laugh, and even raise my eyebrows. I thought perhaps it was a rash of some sort based on the red irritation, but after talking to a doctor, who was a family friend, he informed me that it was indeed dry skin. I was miserable, and nothing seemed to do the trick. I tried a lot of high end department store products and even tried some of your over the counter pocket friendly items…to no avail. I was plain miserable. That was when I decided to contact my friend Jess Jukuri who owns Jukuri Spa in Houghton, MI. She gave me samples from a line that I decided to try and now a lovely mix of Aveda and Bioelements products have provided me with the relief I had been looking for, it wasn’t long before my skin started to naturally repair itself and started to feel good again. Since last year I still use Bioelements, Aveda and even some Arbonne. There is no rhyme or reason to my skin regiment other than…it works for me! I love that the products are natural and not harsh on my skin.

*This is a non-endorsed blog post…I was not paid, or provided free product for my opinion. These items are truly ones that I believe in and love. 🙂 

1)  Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser  $29
This stuff is wonderful, it moisturizes my skin and also exfoliates. It doesn’t rip my sensitive skin of its natural oils…I can’t say enough about it! I use it either once a day or every other depending on how dry my skin is.

2) Arbonne Regenerating Toner $35
I use this 3-4 times per week before I go to bed, it says to use it daily but I  try to be a minimalist with what I put on my face/skin. I spritz it all over and gently rub it in, making sure not to miss my neck!

3) Bioelements Moisture x 10 Serum $40
This little bottle of lovely helps to lock in moisture…I use it on days when my skin is the most dry. I get little dry patches on my forehead and on my cheeks so right after I was my face I am sure to slather this on those areas. I let it soak in and it leaves me feel moisturized without being greasy. This is my little bottle of magic!

4) Arbonne Made in the Shade Self-Tanner  $30
Winter always has me feeling a tad….”pale” my Finnish, English roots haven’t granted me with golden skin hues so I had to find something that gave me a sun-kissed glow but didn’t clog up my pores and leave me feeling smelly. I used to be a sun-goddess (yikes), and over the last 2-3 years have learned to embrace my pale complexion…however a little color on the face and arms (my palest places)…can really help! I love this Arbonne self-tanner and highly recommend it…it mists on evenly and I use my hands to rub it in…washing them afterwards. It doesn’t leave me feeling orange and it is the most natural looking self-tanner I have ever used.

5) Bioelement Oxygenation  $52
I go through this moisturizer the quickest out of all of the products. It is a thick and dense moisturizer that I really enjoy. Most people would use it before bed, but I prefer to use it as a day-time moisturizer. Why? Because my skin is that dry! I need something that will hold up through the long hours of the day. It moisturizes but doesn’t feel greasy after it dries…and I feel it helps make a good first layer under my makeup, locking in moisture and keeping my skin from looking like the Sahara Desert!

What products do you like to use during the winter months? What works for you? 

XO Samantha

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