Watermelon Cucumber Refresher

The other day I realized I need to share more of my recipes and cooking fun on my blog! So, today starts the new series “Good Eats”. Stay tuned for more delicious recipes and fun things to try at home.

What You Need: 

1 large watermelon

4 – 5 large pickling cucumbers

lemonade pitcher



large bowl

1/4 cup sugar (optional)

mint leaves for garnish (optional)

Step 1) First, you need to slice up the watermelon removing as many of the large seeds as possible.

The smaller seeds will blend fine in the blender, so do not worry about those too much.

Cut the watermelon in chunks and place in your blender. Blend, and then use the sieve, placing it over top of a large bowl…and after you blend your watermelon…pour the mixture into the sieve…the sieve will catch any chunks, remaining seeds. Continue until the bowl is almost full.

Step 2) Take the large cucumbers and remove/peel the skin (like you would remove the skin from an apple). Slice the cucumber in to chunks…and blend in the blender. Pour into the sieve and let it drip into the bowl…continue until the bowl is full.

Step 3) Once you have blended all of your watermelon and cucumber, pour the mixture from the bowl in to the lemonade pitcher. Add water to fill the pitcher. Add ice cubes to cool it down.

Optional Ideas: 

* You can add sugar to taste…I used 1/4 cup but realized I probably didn’t even need it

* add honey

*add champagne for a fun cocktail with friends – watermelon mimosa?

Place in the refrigerator to cool.

Step 4) Serve in cute glasses and add some mint leaves to garnish and boost the refreshing taste!


Do you have any delicious homemade drink recipes that you use during the summer months?

 If so, leave them in the comments below. 






XO Samantha

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