Boppa’s Chair

On Friday, July 19, 2013…I lost my last living grandfather at 88 years old.

Over the past few days as we prepare for his funeral, I find myself looking through old photographs, remembering fun times had. One reoccurrence that I stumble across often is grandpa, or Boppa as we liked to call him…in “his chair.”

Boppa’s chair is located at the center of all the commotion…it has a view of the dining room, full view of the living room, and can watch for visitors coming up and down the stairs from the basement…This is the chair Boppa would kick his feet up in after a Thanksgiving dinner, or on Christmas eve to watch grandkids open presents, or when company came over and all gathered in the living room to talk, it was his chair to watch the news in, and to cuddle grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is from that chair we heard countless stories of his World War II days in the navy, or what it was like working for the mines in Calumet… and more often than not we would catch him sleeping in this chair…Boppa’s chair seemed to have that affect on anyone who sat down in it for just a minute or two…it wouldn’t be long and it would, yet again, claim another victim to a deep slumber.

Boppa’s chair…it is a special chair.

Me on my Boppa’s knee…and sitting in his chair  🙂

XO Samantha

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