When in Rome

Dusty and I spent a busy two days in Rome seeing all there was to see, all together we probably walked at least 15 miles. The city is so rich in history…that we were overwhelmed and felt we could have been there for a week and still not have seen it all! The history of Rome is like layers of an onion…what I mean is…that Rome was founded many hundreds of years before Christ’s death…making it extremely old…many of the ruins are still visible except that over the centuries it has continued to be rebuilt…and therefore many of the older things have been covered up over the years. It felt surreal to be walking among the ruins of such an ancient world.

*unfortunately I have misplaced my Canon 5d mark ii cord (big bummer!!) so my fancy pantsy photos will not he happening unless I can get a new cord – which I am hoping will happen tomorrow in Switzerland, in the mean time please enjoy my iphone photos* 

The Colosseumwhat else can I say…the grandeur of this structure was breathtaking…as I stood and gazed out over the arena and into the rooms which once held slaves, animals and gladiators…for a moment the tourists walking amongst the ruins weren’t tourists but Roman citizens preparing to watch a match…this place takes you back in time…and leaves you captivated.

below is a photo of the Colosseum at arena level the maze of rooms below is

where they kept the slaves, animals and gladiators before each match…

                                                                      Inside The Vatican

Dusty and I inside the Sistine Chapel…you were not supposed to take photos…

do you think that stopped anyone? ….not me!

Ceiling of Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo

Exit from the Vatican.

Dusty and I – hot and tired, in front of St. Peter’s Basilica


Inside St. Peters Basilica…this thing was larger than a shopping mall…HUGE…is an understatement.

Vatican City guards…Swiss boys!

Dusty outside of the Pantheon. Built in 27 BC

 Inside the Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

Palantine Hill view.

Exhauted. Vino and Pasta – yes please!

We will have more photos coming soon of Rome – so many more great

 ones on my Canon camera – stay tuned 🙂

XO Samantha

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