Getting Lost in Venice

Dusty and I have been having a wonderful time in Venice! As I sit here now our windows are wide open (they don’t have screens on their windows) I can hear people yelling back and forth in Italian while sitting on the terrace below our room. The weather today was a perfect 72 degrees with a light breeze.

When we arrived via water taxi to the island two days ago we were exhausted…but we took a quick shower, grabbed a water bottle, camera, Euro’s and started walking the streets and alleys of Venice.  This isn’t even close to the amount of photos we have taken so far! Tomorrow we are off to Rome! As they say in Italy….CIAO!

*photos are in no particular order*

Entrance to our room.

 Our room. This home dates back to the 17th Century or earlier.

 View from our window.

Dusty indulging in a piece of pizza.

Rialto Bridge

Grand Canal

The oldest church in Venice.

Seafood is amazing here!

Real farmer’s market…no grocery stores in Venice – love it!

Dusty had a slight moment of “awe” when he saw the huge tubs of nutella.


St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Basilica

Carrying my purse for me like a champ! He fits right in.

SO GOOD, so fresh. Heaven.

Myself and the Bridge of Sighs behind me.

XO Samantha

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