Our Romantic Wedding Night

Our romantic wedding night…where do I start? Well, let’s begin with the main event. Dusty and I got married on a hot and beautiful day in July 2011. Our wedding was everything we could have imagined it would be…our closest family and friends were there to celebrate in an open field on the family farm. We could not have asked for anything more surreal. 

The wedding night is chalked up to be a magical and sacred event…(for obvious reasons I won’t get into), not only that but it marks the moment when you can utter a sigh of relief that it is now time to step back into reality…and there can be some normalcy in life. 

Dusty and I left our wedding reception around 11:30pm…we jumped into our car and loaded up a gifted cooler of subs, snacks, Gatorade and other delicious goodies to splurge on when we got back to the room (Thanks, Pomeroy’s!!) 

We pulled up outside of the hotel…Dusty ran in and got our key… letting the front desk know we would be down later for our bags. We climbed some stairs and took the elevator up to the top floor which overlooked the lake and the city lights. 

Dusty held open the door to our room and I walked into a haven of romance. My mouth dropped open in awe as my eyes traced a trail of rose petals, champagne, chocolates, bubble bath, lingerie, dimmed lights, candles and soft music playing in the background…I turned to Dusty in utter disbelief. All I could think in my head was WOW,  score for the new husband, didn’t take him long to catch on! Dusty’s face was about as shocked as mine…a thin smile spreading across his lips. 

“Wow. Our wedding coordinator sure did a great job!” he exclaimed. 

Next to the bathroom door hung a white robe with the word BRIDE adorned on the back in pink and white gems, definitely something I had seen scouring Victoria’s Secret website for (sneaky Dusty…checking my internet history to find out just want I wanted!) I quickly unzipped my heavy lace wedding gown and wrapped the silky breathable robe around my body….could the night really get any better? 

“I am going to start the bubble bath and pour some Champagne!” Dusty yelled from the other room. He came around the corner…we clinked glasses and he made a comment about how I looked kinda cute in a white robe…

I went into the bathroom and started taking bobby pins out of the bun which had transformed into something a field mouse might live in. 

I heard Dusty adjust the music…and then yell out that he was going to call down to the front desk to have them bring up our luggage. The smell of the bubble bath started filling the room…

“I could totally use a bubble bath and some champagne right about now!” I yelled from the bathroom.

Silence….a few seconds later Dusty walked up to the bathroom door.

“Don’t be mad…..but….”

“We are in the wrong room”

The bobby pin I held in my hand fell to the ground as I flung around to face him straight on. 

“What?!!!” I screamed. 

“They said they gave us the wrong key…we are in the wrong room…our room is down one floor.” 

I glanced at the clock which read 12:15 am…


The next few minutes were a frenzy!

I threw off the white robe hanging it back carefully on the hanger and pulled on my wedding dress zipping it up just enough so it wouldn’t fall off my hips…we set the filled champagne glasses next to the bed and stopped the almost full bubble bath, we turned the music back up a notch and tossed our sub sandwiches and Gatorade back into our cooler. Then we bolted out of the room as fast we could!

I don’t think we spoke a word as we raced to the elevator and down the stairs to OUR room. Once we got there Dusty tossed open the door and we walked into silence…darkness and nothing very special. We felt like we had just stepped out of a movie scene. I looked around for cameras. I wanted Ashton Kutcher to jump out and yell “YOU”VE JUST BEEN PUNKD”! But Ashton was nowhere to be found.

Dusty looked at me apologetically and mumbled a sincere….”I’m Sorry…” 

That was when I lost it….we both laughed till we cried, pulled out our subs and Gatorade…climbed into bed…and reminisced about the day…replaying all of the perfect…and not so perfect moments.

We soon realized that now we had a real story to tell…a story we would never forget…a story everyone would be too shocked to believe. The mishap of the night was going too far outweigh the memory of sheer bliss and romance that we knew the other couple was going to thoroughly enjoy (and we don’t blame them)! 

I think this story goes to show that not every wedding will be perfect…that sometimes as a bride or groom we can get caught up in the perfection we expect the day to have. It is important to remember that sometimes…it might rain, the groomsmen might have one too many, grandma will be late for the ceremony, the pastor will stumble on words or mispronounce your name, the color of the flowers in your bouquet may not match…but in the end all of these little imperfections are what make the day memorable, unique and something to talk about to your children and grandchildren. These are the things you will look back and share when you celebrate your 30, 40 and 50th wedding anniversary. 

Our Romantic Wedding Night

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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    I think even my boss in the other room just heard my “NO WAY!” What a hilarious anecdote! Not every couple can tell a story like that! I am glad you had a great wedding day and night despite the fleeting romance display!

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • HAHA! Rebecca I love it!! Thanks for reading. I am happy you enjoyed it 🙂

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  2. I am crying! This story made me laugh so incredibly hard, yet the ending made me tear up for all the right reasons. You’re so spot on. And what an amazing story to tell your kiddos, grandkiddos, etc…heck, you should send this in to TLC. They could make a mini-series or something out of it!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • Angela….you make me smile <3 thank you for reading and for sharing love ya!

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  3. Alanna wrote:

    I love it! Goes to show that your wedding night, no matter how how well planned it is, or not 😉 is truly a special night to cherish.

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  4. Janelle wrote:

    Haha, this so sounds like out wedding night! We had made reservations at a local hotel for the Honeymoon suite down the road from our reception. Once we arrived at the hotel, bags, me in my dress ready to take the pins out of my hair, we were informed that they overbooked and were sold out for the weekend and had no room for us. Well my dear husband begged the guy behind the desk for anyroom, something, so I could have a place to change out of my dress, and shower and at least sleep, since we had such a long and wonderful day! To our surprise, they came up with a room….it was a conference room, that had a pull out couch. We spent our first night as a married couple on a pull out couch, actually I slept on the couch and my husband slept in a chair. What a laugh we had, it was a very memorable first night as a married couple!

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • I remember that night Janelle! Haha! What memories!

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • OH my gosh…that is a Great story!!! hahahaha….nice to know I am not the only one who had an anything but romantic wedding night 🙂 thanks for sharing!

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  5. Oh my gosh Sam! As I was reading it, I was like, “Oh, she had a wedding night like Jason and I!” He put out the rose petals and the champagne and bubble bath…I was getting jealous of that white robe, didn’t get one of those…and then the punch line!! My jaw dropped!! I can’t believe that happened!! Haha!

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • hahahah it was anything but romantic!!! 🙂 happy you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  6. Cathy wrote:

    Great story, Sam! You tell it so well.

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  7. It’s a beautiful thing to look at life in a positive way, just like you’re doing! 🙂 Keep up the good work! 😉

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  8. Brita wrote:

    Aaack!! I can just picture the silent ride down to your other room. Very well written!

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
    • It was very silent only a couple wide eyed stares thats for sure! Thanks for reading 🙂

      Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh. My. Hahaha. Seriously sounds like an I Love Lucy episode!!

    Posted 1.17.13 Reply
  10. Heather wrote:

    Okay just now getting to read this but too funny!! Love your great attitude about the whole thing!

    Posted 8.17.14 Reply
  11. Usted realmente en realidad lo hace parecer realmente fácil con su pero yo Encuentro
    a este cuestión sea realmente realidad algo que Creo yo podría de ninguna manera entender.

    De alguna manera se siente demasiado complicado y extremadamente extensa enorme para
    mí. Estoy buscar avanzar para su siguiente publicar , voy a intentar de él!

    Posted 1.18.15 Reply
  12. Jeanine wrote:

    Oh my gosh. Now that is indeed a story to be telling! I don’t think I would have been so calm and OK. I may have freaked out!

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  13. What an endearing story! It’s those things that when you experience it at the moment it feels like a mishap, but when you reflect on them it feels nostalgic. I remember a friend advising me to enjoy my wedding day. And I did…I slowly walked down the aisle and remembered everyone looking at me. And most importantly I let go of the nuances of the wedding. Your story reminds me of that wonderful ability to be calm and collected 🙂

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  14. Chelsie wrote:

    I loved this story, and totally agree with what you said at the end. Everything leading up to my wedding was a blurr of stress and frustration at everything not going right. Yet, after Dustin and I were married, everything else didn’t matter anymore. I could have cared less about what else went wrong during the reception (or that my mother randomly started singing “the bride cuts the cake” when we were cutting the cake) because the most important thing was that Dustin and I were married and starting our lives together.

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  15. alyssa wrote:

    I’m so glad y’all have such a wonderful wedding night story to remember. Here’s to wishing you a long and happy life together,

    Posted 1.22.15 Reply
  16. Brenda wrote:

    Wow! That is hilarious and crazy! You feel like just telling the universe to ‘come on’!

    Posted 1.23.15 Reply
  17. Oh my gosh! This hilarious. I never thought things like that happened in real life. What a great story.

    Posted 1.23.15 Reply
  18. What a lovely reminder. My wedding had a few little things, but none of them matter. Everything worked out in the end. And, well, you get some stories to tell afterwards.

    Posted 1.23.15 Reply
  19. Karissa wrote:

    What a great story and something you’ll be telling and laughing about for years.

    Posted 1.23.15 Reply
  20. Shipra wrote:

    Oh no! *Slapping my knee* But, what a great story to tell. Must’ve been such a moment! 🙂

    Posted 1.24.15 Reply
  21. kendall wrote:

    What a great story! And I love those gorgeous photos!

    Posted 1.24.15 Reply
  22. Yaitza wrote:

    awww.. So romantic… lovely photos…

    Posted 1.26.15 Reply
  23. Ashley wrote:

    It was still a perfect wedding day and night. You definitely have a story to tell.

    Posted 1.29.15 Reply
  24. Hahaha, this is amazing! I think it’s better to have the fun story to tell. You can always have a romantic night, but when will you ever be able to recreate a story like that?

    Posted 1.29.15 Reply
  25. Angie wrote:

    OH.MY.LORD, I totally did not see that one coming when started reading this. My mouth was literally gaping. I am sorry that wasn’t your awesome room, and I am so happy you got out in time! Can you imagine??!! This makes for one awesome story, and with a great moral to it too which you brought out nicely :).

    Posted 1.30.15 Reply
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    Posted 3.30.17 Reply
  27. Abhinav wrote:

    Nice blog .

    Posted 9.10.18 Reply
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