DIY Vintage Shutter Head Board

I had been itching for something fun, rustic and that would bring a pop of unique color to our cozy bedroom, which brings me to the creation of this blog post – DIY Vintage Shutter Head Board. While out antique shopping with my a friend, I came across these gorgeous bright egg shell blue shutters. We found that the shutters were salvaged from an old home in Georgia…(my mind went straight to a scene from Gone With the Wind). I was ecstatic.

I was a bit nervous at how Dusty would react to my splurge purchase. Although he appreciates my creativity…he sometimes calls my findings names like “junk” or “garbage”. I kindly remind him “that one mans trash is another man’s treasure”! And a treasure this was indeed.

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diy shutter head board

diy shutter head board

Our pup Gus provided me with some moral support as I cleaned and scrubbed the shutters (antiques are known to be dirty) and sometimes carry along a funky smell…make sure to clean well with some disinfectant dish soap, hot water, and bleach…scrub well. Dusty even got in on the fun and put the Sawtooth Hangers on the back so that the shutters wouldn’t fall. Then he hung the shutters on the wall behind our bed.

diy shutter head boarddiy shutter head board
Ta – Da! We had 2 different size shutters, which helped with the placement, however, you can do this in so many ways… It was perfection…although – I still felt like it was “missing” something….that’s when the next idea came…. who doesn’t love some chalk boards?


I had some old small chalk boards that I had “crackle painted” for our wedding last year…they had been sitting in a box in our closet!

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  1. Steph wrote:

    Great idea…this looks great! I think some yellow throw pillows would be awesome!

    Posted 7.26.12 Reply
    • Lynne Boyer wrote:

      I took the old ones off my house when my house got painted. I kept them and may use them at my rental house. Great idea. Did you attach a board backing of some type them?

      Posted 7.31.21 Reply
      • Samantha wrote:

        I did not! Just right into the wall 🙂

        Posted 9.19.21 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I was also going to say yellow throws would be great. Such a great look!

    Posted 7.26.12 Reply
  3. I like the color. It’s very pretty. This is a creative way to dress up the bedroom.
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    Posted 7.26.12 Reply
  4. This is so pretty!


    Posted 7.26.12 Reply
  5. Perfect!! Such a thrifty girl! Once again…you’ve inspired me! =D

    Posted 7.26.12 Reply
  6. Betsy Holsworth wrote:

    Bright red pillows would be fun 🙂 I love the turquoise/red combo!

    Posted 8.2.12 Reply
  7. Love this headboard! The color you chose is my favorite color, and the chalkboards are the perfect addition!

    I work with Cassity over at Remodelaholic and we are hosting Headboard Week and a big headboard link party that we’d love to have you come join! You can join the party here — we’re picking our favorites to feature on Saturday:

    Thanks! Have a great day!

    Lorene @Remodelaholic

    Posted 7.3.14 Reply
  8. Your pup is such a great model! What a gorgeous dog, and headboard 🙂

    Posted 1.30.15 Reply
  9. Silvana wrote:

    Love your dog :))

    Posted 4.26.15 Reply
  10. Kimber wrote:

    This turned out really well, and that beautiful blue grounds the wall/linens. Congratulations!

    Did you fasten the shutters together so that they had no spaces between, or did you hang them individually?

    Thank  you for sharing your good ideas.


    Dallas, Texas

    Posted 8.17.15 Reply
  11. Carleen wrote:

    What size shutter did you use for your headboard and are they sitting on the floor ? thanks

    Posted 3.16.16 Reply
    • Samantha wrote:

      Carleen they are about 4 feet tall and they are just bolted/screwed to the wall a few feet up off of the ground behind the bed, but low enough that the bed covers the bottoms. And then we just placed them so one was lower than the other to get the look you see in the photos 🙂

      Posted 3.19.16 Reply