Gus is 1 Years Old today! We think? Videos and Photos!

On October 31st 2010 Dusty and I picked out our first puppy together….welcome Gus! What a big undertaking this was, and little did we know the commitment it was going to ask of both of us. On October 31st Dusty and I drove all around San Antonio Texas looking for the perfect dog, we didn’t have a “type” all we knew is we wanted one that was “smaller” so that traveling home with him/her on the plane would be easier. We liked the idea of a younger dog but anything was going to work.

Dusty was playing hockey for the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL and I was there visiting. We had drove around the day before and had experienced the worst stray dog situation either of us have ever seen. It was horrible, stray, hungry, battered dogs roamed the streets….

I am such a dog lover that I could not leave the area without knowing I took one of them home! Freed one of them from that horrible place. (they seriously have a huge problem – it was disgusting).

After hours of driving around and Dusty getting a $300 speeding ticket we came upon the Animal Defense League   this was our last stop for the day, and at this point my heart had sunk a little low…

we hadn’t quite found “the right fit”.

That is until we met Gus! Gus was an abandoned puppy who was thrown into a muddy ditch on side of a highway outside of San Antonio Texas. Gus and his 4 brothers and sisters were found with their mom…they believe the puppies had been there fore a few days…and the mom was struggling to survive herself…with little food or water in the area – she would have had to leave her puppies for a long time in order to survive herself. We fell in love with Gus’s personality right away.

After going through the adoption process…we started to walk out of the building and I got a little nervous…..were we doing the right thing? was this going to be more responsibility than we had bargained for? ……..Dusty handed Gus to me and said “here you go Sammy, he’s all yours” thats when I took a second to look into his big bright brown eyes….and my heart sunk…the biggest tears ever started to stream down my face…..I was so happy to be taking Gus home to Michigan..

.and far away from Texas!

Of course we do not know Gus’s real birth date…but we have decided that it will be September 27th! He was around 5 weeks old when we got him on October 31st.

I am a HUGE advocate of “second hand” or in other words rescued/adopted dogs. There are far too many of them that need a home these days….and it disgusts me that they fall prey to inconsiderate humans whom they must depend on to survive….its not fair. So ADOPT! 🙂 And if you are thinking of looking for a new dog check out your local humane society today!

Gus at 1 year old! – September 27, 2011!

Photo Below: October 31st – Dusty and Gus in Pet Smart – buying him his first toys!

His hair was a little bit snarly and dirty….he was going to need a bath! But oh so cute!

Home in Michigan – a little mangled looking still but getting better – he just had a bath!

XO Samantha

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