Film Photography from my Parents Wedding July 17, 1982

Tonight we shuffled through an oversized box of old photographs….this is one of my favorite things to do because now with the turn of the century digital cameras have taken over and our photographs rarely get printed…instead, we post them on Facebook, Flickr, Myspace etc….and put them in virtual albums rather than printing them and displaying them in a photo album on your coffee table…or wall. While digging through this box of photographs I came across my parent’s wedding album…they had paid around $200 for the photography at their wedding! (wow have things changed)! Flipping through the album I loved how beautifully saturated the images were…the colors were so true and rich…I wanted to share them with you to show you how times have changed but also how beautiful film photography still is! Do not let the world of digital everything let you forget what film can capture…..

(photo below is my mom and grandma)


(Photo below is my mom and great-grandma, I have had the opportunity of knowing who my great-grandma was “Farm Grandma” is what we called her, I will be getting married at the farm she lived on this summer)

(Sorry about the glare on the image below! I do not have a scanner so I took a picture of the pictures and there might be a small glare in the corners on some of them – look at the beautiful colors in this indoor photo 🙂



( I wish I knew what my mom was thinking in this picture below…. I love this picture…and the vintage feel it gives)




 ( the image below is one that I LOVE…they did not drive around for hours taking a lot of pictures in between the ceremony and reception…but the photographer captured this one and it is one of my favorites of the two of them…)




(the face my mom is making in the image below is hilarious because its a face I could see myself making 🙂





XO Samantha

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